Our Mission

It is Our Mission to show every student that they can learn and they can succeed


Learning to Learn

  • iTutor Learning Services operates on the fundamental philosophy that everyone has the capacity to learn
  • It is OUR MISSION to show our students that they have the ability to learn.


Gaps in Learning

  • In large classes, students are not held accountable for solidifying the basic fundamental principles of learning, which leads to lack of understanding and makes application seem impossible. 
  • It is OUR MISSION to provide a unique one-on-one experience ensuring that our students fully understand and practice all the fundamentals of learning so they can further build on a solid foundation.



  • Students that lack organizational skills and time management skills are usually unable to set goals or are unable to achieve set goals. 
  • It is OUR MISSION to develop a Personalized Education Program that will hold students accountable for meeting goals as well as teach vital learning strategies and work habits that will keep all aspects of our students' lives organized.



  • It is common for a struggling student to lack confidence in their abilities and have an overall low level of self-motivation and a poor attitude towards learning.
  • It is OUR MISSION to show all of our students that they have the ability to succeed, to build their confidence to a level at which they will succeed and to motivate our students so they want to succeed.



  • Many students become overwhelmed by the pressures associated with essay, test and exam evaluations.
  • It is OUR MISSION to prepare our students well before evaluation deadlines in order to relieve this stress and ensure their success.