Why iTutor


The iTutor team is driven by your success and will give you the tools necessary to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. We invite you to learn about our methods and how we intend to show our students the full scope of their potential. When you succeed, we succeed!


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We work with our students towards building a fundamental framework of success, and teach them the academic skills that will last them a lifetime.


iTutor’s Learning Strategies

  • The skills that we teach our students are not only designed to satisfy their immediate academic needs, but are geared towards preparing them for a lifetime of learning. 

iTutor's Work Habits

  • At iTutor, we believe that holding students accountable for their academic achievements is an important step in the learning process. 

Tutoring at Your Convenience

  • Our tutorial sessions are personalized for your convenience. Upon registration with iTutor Learning Services you receive an assigned iTutor who will work with your son or daughter, and stay in consistent communication with you, the parent.