Workshops are an exciting and worthwhile opportunity to learn in an enthusiastic, integrative and interactive setting. iTutor offers a variety of workshops that range from designing resumes and cover letters to writing essays and mock exams in all subjects. Our workshops teach you the skills to succeed and give you a feeling of personal growth and accomplishment.


Please contact us about the schedule of the following workshops:


Essay Writing Workshops


  • Essays are an integral part of your academic experience in high school and throughout university. The ability to write a well composed thesis, essay body and conclusion, that flows with appeal, is a skill to take with you into any career.
  • In this workshop students will learn about the different and most common types of essays that are encountered, and employ useful techniques, strategies and approaches to writing each specific one. 


Mock Exam Workshops


  • iTutor runs mock exams for their students during every exam period for each of the courses listed in our What We Offer menu. This workshop involves writing a mock exam, taking it up with an instructor, and retaining a copy with full solutions so they may use it to study from. Students are also able to utilize this mock exam session to ask any questions that they may have regarding the subject material.
  • iTutor's mock exam workshop teaches our students a variety of strategies that will help them cope with exam anxieties, organize themselves prior to and during evaluations and reinforce a number of exam preparation techniques. 

Resume/Cover Letter Workshops


  • In the employment world there is nothing more important than a nice smile and a professional working resume. 99% of employers turn down job applicants solely based on the appearance of their resume. In this workshop you will be instructed by resume drafting professionals on how to create the best resume and cover letter possible! 
  • This workshop is encouraged for all ages. By the end of this workshop you will come out with a professionally drafted resume and cover letter and the skills and techniques to adjust your resume for specific jobs. You may also come out of this workshop knowing things about yourself that you never knew before!


University Preparation Workshops


  • First year university can be a difficult transition period for many students. This workshop will teach our students the ins and outs of campus life, university hall lectures, writing assignments, research assignments, lab studies and university level exams. 
  • This workshop allows our students to enter university with confidence right from day one. It outlines all the resources that are available to students including study groups, athletics and various clubs as well as the various benefits available to students with their "student" status.