Your iTutor


Your iTutor has thoroughly demonstrated the following qualities that make him/her an esteemed member of the iTutor team:  




  • Tutoring should be an enjoyable experience for both the student and the tutor. Tutoring should never feel like an extension of school, rather it should be a positive environment in which students feel comfortable and want to improve themselves both personally and academically. Although the lesson will be conducted in a serious and professional manner, the experience that your iTutor possesses will allow him/her to direct the lesson in a fun and interactive way for your child.





  • At iTutor, we relate to and connect with our students, which is just as important as understanding how to teach them material and our learning strategies. Our tutors strive to build a positive rapport with their students in order to establish trust as well as to create a comfortable work setting in which ideas and learning methods can be openly exchanged. iTutors are enthusiastic members of the educational community and they fully utilize the iTutor Teaching Strategies to assist your child’s learning experience.





  • One of the most important goals for the iTutor team is to help students to realize their full potential, one step at a time. Each of us is capable of learning, how we differ is in the method in which we learn most effectively. iTutors are trained, professional educators that take pride in sharing difficult, strategic, and breakthrough moments with their students! Our level of commitment to you is far-reaching and sincere. When your son or daughter succeeds, we succeed!





  • Staying informed is the iTutor guarantee to you! Each of our iTutors is dedicated to keep you, the parent, informed and in the loop regarding your son or daughter’s progress. At the same time, iTutors are also prepared to communicate and learn with your child, guaranteeing the development of trust for a successful academic outcome. At iTutor we believe that building trust is the first step towards constructing change.