The iTutor Way


iTutors are not just tutors, they are mentors, friends and life coaches to their students: 


  • An iTutor will help their student to recognize and understand their academic abilities so that they can be motivated and positively guided towards reaching new goals.

  • An iTutor will not only help their students achieve a level of self-realization, but they will also instill the confidence that their students require to exceed current levels of performance.

  • An iTutor does not simply teach their students academic material, rather, they teach them the strategies associated with learning effectively.

  • An iTutor is creative, enthusiastic and knowledgeable with a drive to educate and inspire youths of all learning styles.


The iTutor Learning Philosophy


At iTutor we focus on individualizing education for each student so that he or she can gain confidence and fully understand his or her true learning potential. Being confident in the classroom builds positive attitudes that, in turn, build understanding and success!